“Taking Aircraft Recycling to New Heights”

  • Recycling and Up-cycling 100% of Entire Aircrafts
  • Comprehensive Services from North America’s Largest Aircraft Recycling Facility
  • Delivering Greater Value to Aircraft Owners, Operators and the Entire Supply Chain
  • Advancing Higher Economic, Environmental and Social Values

North American Aerospace Industries Corporation is a leading provider of sustainable, end-to-end aircraft recycling solutions. The company is committed to operating a next generation aircraft recycling business focused on recycling an entire retired aircraft with its components and materials given a second life in aviation or other appropriate applications. High-value components like engines, landing gear, avionics, electronics and other parts are overhauled, tested and recertified so they can be repurposed back into aviation. Materials, including aluminum, copper, and various alloys, are processed in North American Aerospace Industries’ state-of-the-art recycling facilities and returned to the raw material supply chain. Other interior components such as seating, overhead bins, cabinets and walls are responsibly recycled to meet critical economic and social needs.

We are Building a State-of-the-Art Aircraft Recycling Facility

The company is currently building what will be North America’s largest aircraft recycling facility to be located in Kinston, North Carolina’s Global TransPark. There, decommissioned commercial and military aircraft will be recycled using North American Aerospace Industries’ proprietary technology and processes enabling many more aircraft to be recycled much faster than the industry norm.

Featured in the planned North American Aerospace Industries aircraft recycling facilities will be one of the largest hangar systems in the world. This three-part hangar system will be comprised of a 357,000 square foot aircraft disassembling shop, a 151,800 square foot MRO facility and a 102,000 square foot paint shop for both narrow body and wide body aircraft.

Partnering with Higher Education to Drive Sustainable Aircraft Recycling

To further drive its sustainable aircraft recycling business model, North American Aerospace Industries is working closely with universities and technical institutions to develop new technologies that facilitate the total recycling and up-cycling of all materials.

Addressing the Increase in Retired Aircraft

Flight Global estimates that 17,000 aircraft will be decommissioned by 2030. This number is increasing with airlines retiring older aircraft earlier than planned due to COVID-19. Cirium, an aviation data analytics company, projects 3,000 aircraft will be retired by the end of 2024. Parking aircraft for a long time is costly and poses environmental hazards.

North American Aerospace Industries Corporation is helping to address the industry’s increasing number of end of life aircraft. We are offering a faster, more efficient recycling process that substantially reduces potential risks to the environment, while presenting significant financial benefits to aircraft owners.

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Our Recycling Techniques

An average commercial aircraft has an estimated 800 to 1,000 parts that can be recycled. Applying best practices in airplane recycling, our proprietary processes enable multiple aircraft to be processed simultaneously. We are accelerating the recycling process, recycling as much of an end of life aircraft as possible in accordance with our zero waste philosophy, and creating the most value for owners’ fleet recycling programs.

Retired Aircraft Working for the Social Good and for New Revenue Streams

At present, 85% – 90% of most aircraft is recycled with 10% – 15% of an airplane’s materials ending up in landfills where they have a negative impact on the environment. These materials taken from seating, overhead bins, cabinets and walls, are largely composed of composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers.

North American Aerospace Industries Corporation envisions giving these materials a new life which, in turn, will give a new life to those in need across the world. Recycled aircraft materials are already being applied in diverse for-profit applications ranging from aviation-themed art and home and office furnishings, to accessories, including handbags and belts, sporting goods and travel related items such as luggage.

North American Aerospace Industries Corporation is also committed to creating new jobs and training opportunities for veterans, individuals with disabilities, human trafficking victims and others. The company is also planning to provide technical training and development programs in conjunction with a local college.

Our Areas of Competence

North American Aerospace Industries Corporation is working with all sectors of the aviation industry to advance modern aircraft recycling methods, and to increase the awareness of sound sustainability practices.

Airport Authority – For airport authorities we provide tailored educational and training programs aimed to increase awareness for recycling and eco-friendly practices across an airport’s entire organization.  North American Aerospace Industries Corporation further supports airport authorities with a mobile platform to help advance environmental policies and procedures.

Aircraft Owners/Lessor Companies – We understand the need for aircraft owners, operators and leasing companies to recycle their aircraft quickly.  Owners save on parking fees and costly insurance fees once an aircraft is deregistered. Spare parts are harvested, inspected, certified and shipped back to the owner promptly. Among the services offered are: the dismantling of turbines and tail units, the disposal of hazardous substances, the certification of aircraft spare parts, research, and the deployment of mobile teams to remove damaged aircraft or ghost planes.  North American Aerospace Industries Corporation conducts all work following the highest standards of the aircraft recycling industry.

Military – North American Aerospace Industries Corporation welcomes the opportunity to work closely with military and security personnel, while recycling military aircraft at their facilities. Our services include: demilitarization, de-fleeting, converting of military aircraft to cargo planes, dismantling of turbines and tail units, disposal of hazardous substances, and aircraft wreck recycling.


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Construction of a $100 million aircraft recycling facility in North Carolina

For the sustainable recycling of aircraft, the company Aircraft Solutions USA, Inc., which is a provider of sustainable end-to-end solutions for aircraft recycling, announced the construction of an aircraft recycling facility at North Carolina's Global TransPark in Kinston.

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